We consider our customers to be our most important asset. We believe that if we continue to focus on our customers and consistently provide quality service delivery, the business opportunities will follow.

Our main aim is to provide our customers high quality products at the most competitive prices. We meet our customer’s demands and accept orders, small or large and try for earliest delivery.

We help our customers to reduce their logistics costs. Our supplies cater to a wide segment of customers in both energy and defence sector.

We provide the most competitive price in the market and help you safeguard your interest and that of the supplier. Our channel ensures that the channel is properly communicated without any snags and delays in meeting your requirements.


Reliance High Tech Ltd   keeps you informed about supply and demand, existing regulations and requirements in the booming Bangladeshi market particularly with respect to prices, merchandise quality, package, activities or competition and prices applied by competitors.

We apprise you without any delay about claims on the part of the buyer and take necessary steps to state the rightness of that claim and secure your goods accordingly. Reliance High Tech Ltd informs about other financial standing of the clients and renders aid by collecting payments for the goods exported or imported.

When our clients procure materials through foreign tender we work as local agent of our principals. We maintain all the communications between our clients and suppliers. We provide after sales support both in warranty period and after warranty period. We receive queries from both our clients and principals and prepare clarifications as well. After our clients receive machines and other equipments, we provide technical support for commissioning. For details terms and conditions of government purchase DP-35 for Defense

We also keep our clients abreast of the regulations concerning currency, customs, taxes, transport, etc. binding the Bangladesh market. We also co-operate with our client in publicity activities and organization of fairs and exhibitions within the territory being the object of the Agency Agreement. Furthermore for terms and conditions of defense purchase PPR for government and other organization

Link of several related important Stake Holders/ Organizations website link and their contact:



BOF – Bangladesh Ordnance Factory
Contact : +880.2.9204613
DGDP – Directorate General Difence Purchase
Contact : +880.2.9125859
BGB – Border Guard Bangladesh
Contact : +880.2.8616672-9
CGB – Cost Guard Bangladesh
Contact : +880.2.9144934
BIWTA – Bangladesh Inline Water Transport Authority
Contact : +880.2.9556151-5
BIWTC – Bangladesh Inline Water Transport Corporation 
Contact : +880.2.9555031-3
DCC – Dhaka City Corporation
Contact : +880.2.9563504
BN – Bangladesh Navy
Contact : +880.2.8829321-27
BA – Bangladesh Army
Contact : +880.2.8871234
BAF – Bangladesh Air Force 
Contact : +880.2.8827611-20
BFS – Bangladesh Fire Service 
Contact : +880.2.9556666-7
RAB – Rapid Action Batalion
Contact : +880.2.8961105
CPA – Chittagong Port Authority 
Contact : +880.2.31.2522200.29
PDB – Power Development Board 
Contact : +880.2.9566170-9,Ext-401